Isaac Jordan (9 Nov 2010)
"Reese word from 11-8 right - Time is up - I was wrong about that"

Ron and Doves,

Thank you for staying up late and posting that message.  I'm blessed to have two jobs right now, but I'm working 70 hours a week and had to skip church all day this past Sunday.  It seems to me as if The Lord is separating me from my extended family (parents, sister, in-laws).  I have openly and vocally mused with Him that if He's trying break up my family, wear me out, sleeping 5-6 hours a day and test me like never before - He's appears to be succeeding as I beg Him to keep it duct taped together as life feels like one big reaction, and waiting for the next thing to do.  Because of my schedule, I end up spending more time with The Lord than with my wife.  I know it's way out of balance, but it's my life and what God has given to me to manage.  I'm typing this right now as my wife plays racquetball and my son naps on my chest.

I feel separated and isolated and further away from them the closer I get to The Lord and spend time with Him.  Your case for a split rapture makes sense as it relates to the barley harvest and the wheat harvest.
Barley must be thrown up in the air and wheat must be beaten by a tribulum.  My neighbor just finished divorcing his wife.  My other neighbor is going to walk out on their mortgage.  Two other Christian husbands I know have walked out on their wives and daughters - one so he could go get a seminary master's degree, and a third seems to be considering leaving his family and faith to compose rock music.  I also caught a pastor I know looking at something he definitely should not be.  I feel like a judge with a case docket.

I have to keep seeking The Lord to have the power to continue.  I need His help to love my family and to serve The Lord and their needs.  I find myself subconsciously badmouthing my jobs for not paying enough even though it's what The Lord has provided.  I have to repent and keep on going.  The Lord has always used my employment as my mission field and given me time to witness in word and deed.  I need His help not to resent the pay and stay focused on good service and praying for my coworkers and customers.

Pray always that we may be accounted worthy to escape these things and to stand before The Son of Man.

The Lord calls us to be salt.  We must remember Lot's wife, so we don't end up as a solid pillar of it.

Please pray for me.  I want to be accounted worthy to escape, and I fear I'll run out of oil before the end.

Thank you John for 5 doves and Ron for piping up over the last two years.