Isaac Jordan (8 Nov 2010)
"I think time is not up yet - 2 more years to go"

Dear Doves,

Most of the Christians I know are not a Ruth type of "lay at the feet of Boaz" bunch of churchgoers.  There is still so much of the world in them and there is a new born revival afoot in many pulpits.  Even Calvary Chapel pastors seem to be getting the message from the sheep The Lord has woken up that we want the unadulterated gospel and be set apart from the wicked churches that are preaching what they want.

If The Lord was going to take the American Church, He would have done it before the elections.  Since those we elected intend to turn up the heat on Obama, I think that he is going to turn up the heat on everyone.  On Thursday, I saw two odd signs from The Lord regarding the Rapture.  The first was my friend's son's Buzz Lightyear t-shirt that said, "No one gets left behind."  And the other was an old Lexus 330 a Christian was driving that had a license plate cover that says, "In Case of Rapture, This car's yours!"

If the rapture happened today, there would be so many left behind, myself probably included, that Jesus would have a small wedding party indeed.  I'm struggling with a decade old sin I thought I had whipped along time ago - but circumstances have brought up an old proven weakness of mine I thought I had been delivered from.

Remember, Islam tends to be a VERY conservative, male focused religion where women are treated as property; polygamy is allowed; and Muslims are exempt from Dhimmitude taxes - liike Obamacare.
The Lord did not send the flood until mankind became very wicked and immoral.  The women wear bedsheets over their heads.

Jesus is going to marry a holy and unblemished bride.  He's not interested in a whore - i.e. Mary Magdalene.

The next two years are going to be the most bizarre and tempting the American Church has ever seen.  Obama is going to surprise us with the conservative leanings of Islam.  This is how he is going to cause the falling away of the church - through sex, money, "values" and taxes.

In American politics, "values" means what you as an individual believes in.  Most politicians would say that we all have our own values and can find power in our shared values.  Such talk avoids absolute truth, especially scriptures from The Holy Bible.

There will be economic woes that will rachet up pressures on families ready to split, and especially traditional families that may be about to go bankrupt.  Inflation will take its toll.  Then Obama will offer Islam and Sharia law as an alternative to US State and Federal Law.  "An honest way of banking," he'll say.  Increase family buying power by letting men have multiple wives - there might be plenty of women making offers.  The more of them have jobs, the more money their families will have.  This is where Mormonism and Islam will begin to show their applied theological similarities.  Then the Amero will become a currency or the mark of the beast will pretty much arrive.

Since both religions are conservative, those Christians who don't know their Bible well, or prefer money to church anyways, will easily go over to that goat flock.  It's them who will draw the real believers away from the church once they enjoy the profits - in the bank account and bedroom - who will lure away the good men in the church.

Then, the real Christians remaining will have absolutely nothing left but their God and Lord to uphold them.  That's the way The Lord has intended it since Abraham.  We have to depend on Him.   Not our friends, family, jobs, professions, talents, but The Lord who bought us.  If The Lord can feed a million people in the desert everyday, have ravens feed Elijah in the middle of nowhere, and can feed 5000 people with one bagged lunch, He can house us, clothe us, feed us, and employ us.  We must trust Him only.  We must draw near to Him - then He will draw near to us.  WE MUST DO THIS.  The Lord Jesus is Holy and we must be too!  It would be just like The Lord to let the enemy throw his punches early.  The scriptures say that He will come as a thief.  That probably means when there are no films featuring the massive disappearances of people.  The church needs to buckle up - I think it's going to go through a mini tribulation of it's own within it's own walls.  We shall see.