Gordon Smith (2 Nov 2010)

Just before I woke up this morning I was slumbering and coming out of my
sleep. Whilst in this state between sleep and waking up I had a dream I
saw a whole lot of sentences or rows of words, which I did not take much
note of except that the rows of words were getting closer and closer
together until the last row, which said, "THE SHOUT". As I saw those
words, I felt that my body was changing and I came out of sleep, and
still I felt that my body was changing and being transformed. I actually
thought that the rapture was about to happen.
This is the second time that I've had an experience like this where I
felt my body was changing, but must say that this time it was far more
tangible than the last time.  

I read the post from Jim Bramlett about the "85 year old ladies
childhood revelation" and was so blessed and encouraged, and I think
that we should all be. Also the post from Cindy "Sign from Jesus"! was
very encouraging. 

Saints it is close, don't give up. Remember Jesus is coming for those
that are looking for His appearing.


In Jesus we trust


Gordon Smith