GM (25 Nov 2010)
"Simple math for the time line."

John and Doves, this is a bit long but fits together.

Simple math for the time line.

With a nod to Lyle Cooper(11-24) and

Shemini Atzeret, the Eighth Day of Assembly and Simchat Torah, the Rejoicing of the Law are the last in the string of "September" Feast days in Israel.  They follow Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, the Feast of Booths. 

In 2017 Shemini Atzeret occurs on October 20. 

October 20, 2017 minus 2520 days brings us to November 26, 2010.

November 26, 2010 minus 21 days of Daniel's delay of answered prayer is November 5, 2010.

November 26, 2010 minus 2520 days brings us to Jan. 3(4), 2004 which is 10 Tevet, The Fast of Tevet.  This is the day Nebuchadnezzer seized Jerusalem.  Primarily, this fast serves as a warning to Israel to turn back to God.

Jan 3, 2004 is 844 days from 9/11/2001.  844 = 4 x 211.  211 means the Word of God, 4 creation, so The word of God over Creation.  Or, 44 means birth/blood and 800 means Omega and Rainbow.


November 5, 6, 7 or 11-5, 6, 7 plus the 21 day delay is 11-26, 27, 28.  "1128" has interested me. 

Gematria of 11 can mean Hide (secretly) and Feast.  "28" can mean Power and Tav (the cross).

The 1128th verse from the end of the bible is verse 29974; Heb 1:10.  Hebrews is book 58(grace).  "74" is disciple, 299 = 13 x 23; 13 is unity/love, 23 is Aleph and Tav.  This could say, "The disciple in unity/love with the Aleph and Tav.  Also, 29 has only 1 greek biblical meaning custom, as in custom of an ethnic group or NATION.  This is in Acts 15:1 verse #27444.

"974" is represented by only one verse, Job 36:32 With clouds he covereth the light; and commandeth it not to shine by the cloud that cometh betwixt.  The sky is darkened after the sixth seal in Rev 6:11 and the fourth trumpet in Rev 8:12.

November 28 is the conjunction of the 333rd day of the year and 33 days remaining in the year, at midnight.


There are 3365 days between 9-11-2001 and Nov. 28, 2010. 

There are seven verses with a gematria of 3365; Jdg 6:14, 1Sam 30:27, 1Ki 7:22, Est 5:3, Isa 24:2, Luk 17:32, and Gal 3:20. 

Gal 3:20 is the 29123rd verse, with 11 words and 37 letters.  "37" means the heart of Wisdom.  123  = 7 x 41(the spirit of wisdom), so, the complete spirit of wisdom.

Luk 17:32 Remember Lot's Wife.  

Est 5:3 Then said the king unto her, What wilt thou, queen Esther? and what is thy request? it shall be even given thee to the half of the kingdom.

"33" = 11 x 3, or "hidden unity", while the only greek value of 33, hell, seems to make a reversible meaning; either/or. 

"65" means Silence before Adoni in the Temple.

"365" = 5 x 73 and 73 means I Am He and Wisdom, 5 is grace covering or protection.  Is this silence after the seventh seal?

5 factors into many of the numbers in the above sections; it becomes a pattern in itself.



This leads to Nov. 29, 2010 or 11-29.  There is only one Hebrew word(in the bible) with a gematria of 1129; it means to destroy(by corruption). 

The verse 1129 from the end is verse 29973.  Heb 1:9Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.  Once again, 299 is unity /love and 73 is I Am He/Wisdom.

While this all fits together, it may still be in error.  Luke 12:40 is verse number 25500.  Hmm 2:55???  [:)]

Giving thanks for our humility and His strength, Amen.