GM (11 Nov 2010)
"121, 11's and resolution"

John, my turn to say thank you!

OK, I was skeptical regarding November rapture dates after my 11-5,6,7 came and passed.  I was beginning to think "next year?"  I have now seen enough experiences and research in the past week to reconsider.  I have also reconsidered some of my own experiences and confirmations over the last two months or so.  After seeing many peoples dreams and experiences: I add this to the many, many insights offered by literally too many to mention.  Thanks to our savior Jesus and the cumulative efforts of all of the obedient watchers.


I have recently been given several impressions, as I awaken or shortly afterward.  One morning I was given a number "121".  I was awake enough to question, " What is this number?"  There was no context: then a "3" and separately a "7".  After some multiplying and dividing I set it aside.  The next day I was given a name with exact spelling, a picture of the person, and an occupation of real estate.  My search turned up the exact name of a person in real estate, wearing the correct color clothes in a picture.  Nothing of this was remotely familiar to me, or something I would have seen previously.  The two locations associated with the search were very close to a location of 37 degrees north and 121 degrees west.  This is south of San Francisco.  (If you have some time, check the scoring of the World Series involving the Giants this year…)  So, I definitely believe there is something in this connection, but not sure beyond the semi-obvious.  I have also had an earthquake dream that may have indicated a major movement from SF through to Seattle at dusk.


Back to the 121:  121=11x11, or 11-11, or 11-11-10?  Nov. 8, a favorite date for the beginning of Daniel's 70th week plus 3 days is Nov. 11.  Nov. 4, the 27th Cheshvan as Noah leaving the Ark, plus 7 days is Nov. 11.  So I have now seen substantial connections between all three of these numbers and the 5,6,7 "window" to 11-11-10.


Two dreams of others recently referenced a door closing, similar to the ark door.  7 days after the ark door closing came the flood.  Now see this… one meaning of the gematria of 1111 is "the flood", which began 7 days after the door of the ark was closed.  My interpretation is it took 4 days to completely seal the door of the ark.  After 3 more days, later in the day, is what we are waiting for?

"This just in."  There are "7" seals on the scroll and "4" horses with them...


To Jan Mikael:  I have had 2 confirmations of 1,2,3, but they are buried in my notes.  If time permits I will look for them.