Gerry Almond (4 Nov 2010)
"All Doves...Now at last?"


Well, it looks as if my calculations brought us to November 1, 2010 just 7 DAYS BEFORE THE PREDICTED FALL OF THE RIPE OLIVES.
If so, then we are now in the sign of Noah, Nov 1-7.  The seven day warning is in effect, and the first family have all gone to India on Nov. 5.

Take back America is running full steam, and the Senate could be lost to the Democrats if only one or two of the senators switches party line.  If BO is to retain power, he will have to do something….like oversee a sudden destruction crisis that will merit martial law?

Time will tell, but it looks like November 7/8 is the time.  

This also correlates with the “precession of equinoxes” study which puts Rosh Hashana on November 8-10 this year when viewed from a universe point of view, as perhaps God views it.  This would mean that over a 4,000 year period, (Noah to now) the calendar would be off 2 months.  Instead of September being the correct time for Rosh Hashana, universally speaking, November is correct.  

Not only so, but the Bible code posted at is thus vindicated.  I am glad for this vindication.  

Look up, for our redemption seems to be here at last!   Praise God, I sincerely hope so.  Poor world of left behinds though, but alas, man has a free will with which to choose.  So sad.


Gerry Almond