Georgette A (24 Nov 2010)
"To Lydia and Doves Re "Others May""

Dear Lydia,

After reading your post today I thought I must write to  you because I had a very similar experience  to yours; I too had difficult circumstances and situations in my life that I thought were imposed on me by God.
And I too could not understand and had million questions in my mind why was God treating me this way, until I realized that God had a plan and purpose for my life that  couldn't be accomplished otherwise.
During my hardship, and suffering periods, still going through them mind you, I kept reading "Others May" with tears streaming down my face, and always feeling that God was sending  me a message  through
its words. Now that I have matured spiritually and experienced certain situations in my life, and how the Hands of God were constantly guiding and strengthening me through His abundant Grace, I can confidently say that without those difficult circumstances God could not have made me the person He wanted me to be. It's a shaping process that  does not end till our last day here on earth. All thanks, Praise and Glory be to our God and Saviour Jesus Christ who snatched us from this dark and sinful world we live in into His Glorious Kingdom of Light.
Something else I must mention that during all my suffering and hardship time, I experienced the most intimate moments of my life with the Lord that I could not have had without them.