George (9 Nov 2010)
"Re: "Harvey Troyer , EZEK 38.39, GOG.....  ( PDF FILE article ). Post of Nov 8."

Harvey, you mention in your article that most mainline Christian preachers and Bible Prophecy teachers don`t talk about the coming attack from Russia to the US and that  you only  know of Jack Van Impe  mentioning  the attack from Russia to America and that it was many years ago. That`s very true.  At least, I believe that most of Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey and God`s News Behind the News audience is thru the TBN network and to be aired by them, I think ( and of course I could be wrong ),  you have to be very careful about what you say about Russia, China, Obama , the antichrist and Islam. Recently Hal Lindsey was pulled off the air for a few weeks because he said something not very nice about Islam.        George.