Frank R Molver (20 Nov 2010)
"Nicole's dreams, visions, Obama, 2013 confirmation"
I had a little confirmation in Nicole's post re my post indicating another 3 years.
August 31, 2009
My friend at church yesterday said the Lord told her we have 4 years or less until He comes to get us.

There are many interesting things in this post though rather long.
Towards the bottom you will see some interesting things re Obama such as
My 8 year old son's dream the night of October 26th - morning of October 27th:
He said that someone tried to assassinate Obama after the rapture. It created a fake race war to lie to the people so the evil men could form the global government. My son saw people being shot everywhere. He then saw a blonde headed woman become President and she (as he described) made taxes on houses high that people were living in tents on the streets because they lost their houses. He then saw Obama come back to life but he was not Obama anymore. My son said he could not tell but it seemed Obama died and then Satan mimicked Obama's body? It was a big lie my son said. My son said he saw all of the snakes of the world come together to form the antichrist. Then the two old snakes from Moses time (when Moses threw down his rod and his snake ate the other 2 snakes) were thrown out of the antichrist into two powerful men. These two men had control of the mark of the beast.
October 16, 2010 (EARLY AM)
This is a vision that came to me this EARLY morning from the Lord.
I saw a part of the tribulation. I saw when I was in a house (I was someone else, yet I was seeing through their eyes) the family room television. I was going about my business cleaning and all of a sudden the tv came on by itself. I had the cable turned off but the tv was plugged in.
All of a sudden the antichrist came on the tv and he said "worship me." Then his eyes rolled back into his head and all you could see was the white of his eyes. The eyes started to glow and out of the television, this light or glowing started coming in the room. I tried to turn the tv off, but it would not shut off. Then billions of demons started chanting behind him and it was SO LOUD you could hear it from other people's homes from inside of their house with all the doors shut. I put my hands over my ears it was so hideous, so evil and at the same time so supernaturally compelling, you had to use EVERY single ounce of strength to resist. I called on Jesus to help me and put my hands over my ears and started SCREAMING old church hymns.

August 31, 2010
My vision
I had a dream last night there was a fetus laying on the bed. The baby knew it would die and it was prepared. But then I had a baby that was say a year old and my baby wanted to hug and kiss the fetus. The fetus became angry and tried to kill my baby.

My mom's vision
My mom had a vision of books.
She saw the Lord have a book opened and the pages on the left and right created one large map of the USA. The middle crease of the book was the center part of the USA. The Lord spoke to her and said a couple of things:
1) The books of My children's lives are almost closed
2) If the USA does not shut this book on this peace plan, then I will shut the book on the USA. As the USA splits Israel, the USA shall be split.

September 10, 2009
My mom saw a vision of an angel breaking a mirror and behind it was the year 2010.
Does it mean the beginning of the tribulation? Since the breaking of the mirror means 7 years bad luck? I keep hearing that people are seeing in the Bible codes that Hillary Clinton will meet the antichrist and that someone will attempt assassination on Obama. I watched John Paul Jackson and he saw Muslims trying to kill Obama and then blamed it on racism.
Romans are the reason a broken mirror means seven years bad luck. Romans were the first to invent glass mirrors. They believed that the mirror had the power to take a part of your soul and therefore if your appearance in the mirror was damaged, say, by breaking the mirror, then you would be as well. Romans also believed the soul was renewed every seven years. So if you were to break a mirror, and your soul was damaged, then in seven years you would be fine again.

May 5, 2009
My mother had a dreamā€¦
about Obama and he was sitting in the Oval Office. He was by himself and she was sitting in there as an observer. In the dream he said to her, that he had no one to really talk to. That he was told by high ranking bankers because they wanted to globalized the money system to control the world, that "we dished this mess to Bush, so if you can't take the problems, get out of office." My mother in the dream wanted to burst out and tell Obama to pray to the Lord Jesus for help. But, in the dream, God stopped my mother and said not to say that because he will never pray to Jesus, he will pray to a foreign god and it would only entice him to pray to that god. She also saw that he secretly wanted to become a buddhist because he liked the philosophy better, whether or not that is true or not.

February 23, 2009
I had a vision and there are two men in the European Union that are going to take the real is in charge of politics/religion/media and the other in charge of the money. They are waiting for Obama to come to the EU to merge the banking systems. When it hits, it will go really fast and people will be thinking Obama did the right thing because our economy will get really bad. It is because God's blessing has been pulled off the land. We will go into a global socialism and everything will be tracked. Your every doctor visit and what is wrong with you will be traceable and people will search for it on google and be able to see if they should hire you or your neighbors will know if you had a wart removed. There will be absolutely no privacy. Your words will be heard and it will be traced against a database that can filter for certain words and then a policeman can be automatically dispatched to your location via your GPS implanted chip. The technology that these men are going to implement are nothing like we have ever seen before. And we are on the brink of letting these guys take over.