Frank R Molver (19 Nov 2010)
"3 more years to work dream"

For your consideration.
This is a recent dream I believe God gave me indicating a time frame.
I think of it like going on a long hike.
You do not have a watch and no set markers for distance.
So you keep thinking you should be there by now until you run across a trail marker telling you there is still away to go.
I was in Mexico helping out with missions when I had this dream.
In this dream we were digging a large square hole.
I knew we had to go 8 feet deep.
We were digging a long time so I had it measured thinking we were done.
After measuring the depth I find out that we have to go another 3 feet deep.
End of dream.
This dream was not your usual perplexing dream and I felt the Lord had sent me a message.
My conclusion is that there is 3 more years to work in ministry and that is it.
After that I believe what we have been expecting all along will occur and the world will not function any more like it did in the past.
It seems to me that that is when the man of sin is revealed and persecution is in full force and evangelism will no longer be tolerated.
I would hope the rapture would occur then too.
So for me, I am planning to continue on in ministry believing that after that there will no longer be a chance.
Do what you can now, don't wait until it is too late.