Francisco (4 Nov 2010)
"A Prayer for Purification"

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are encouraged, by the Holy Spirit, to pray constantly (1Ts 5:17).

I am told to beseech at all times that the Lord make me worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass,
and to stand, on that Day, before the Son of man (Lc 21:36).

We are given instruction, by the Lord, that our prayer should all the time begin by confession of sins:
"Lord, I'm in need of your pardon and mercy, for I am a sinner." (Lc 18:13).

Suggestion for a constant prayer:

        Lord, I'm in need of your pardoon and mercy, for I am a sinner.
        May you grant me, by your grace, to be accounted worthy to escape all things
        that shall come to pass, and to be standing, on Your Day, before your presence.
        Thank you so much for the joy of hope.

        This is a prayer for purification.
        Purification is the exact synonym for sanctification.
        The pure of heart are promised to see the manifestation of God (Mt 5:8).
        Without sanctification no one shall see the Lord (Hb 12:14).       

            We shall meet soon in the presence of the Lord.