Elliot Hong (4 Nov 2010)
"Re: Jim Bramlett, Olive Tree Revelation"

Dear Jim and Doves:
What a remarkable post !
Let me add one more parallel between the Church and the olive.
Gethemane and Garden Tomb are my favorite places in Jerusalem, and it's a joy to spend a time at the garden of Gethemane
looking at many rugged olive trees of about 2,000 years old.
The word "Gethemane" is derived from the Hebrew "gat shemanim" which means "oil press," and I remember to watch a
documentary film how olives are crushed, pressed, milled, and squeezed to produce oil.
As we all know, Gethemane is the place where Yeshua shared the intimate fellowship with His disciples and suffered the
Agony as like olives are being crushed and pressed before He went to the Cross.
Like wise, every Bride has to have the intimate fellowship with the Lord and to pass the final test of denying oneself, being
crucified and taking up the cross to follow the Master, and it's the essential way to be filled with the oil like the wise virgins.
Maranatha !