Elliot Hong (3 Nov 2010)
"Re: Jean Stepnoski, Cheshvan 27"

Dear Jean and Doves:
Your posts always bless me a lot.
I remember there were many posts about Cheshvan 17 last year, and it's very possible that the Judgment
started spiritually on Cheshvan 17, 2009 and ends on Cheshvan 27, 2010.
I realize Cheshvan 27 this year is 60 days from Christchurch earthquake, and 60 represents Pride.
So it makes sense that as the Spiritual Judgment ends, the Judgment in reality begins on Cheshvan 27.
Amazingly it is right after the Mid Term Election in America.
Also it makes sense to me that as the 8 of the Noah family began the New Life on Cheshvan 27, the New
Anointing comes on this day.
I still believe there will be a short time for a final call after G-d pours the Power and the Glory so that left behind
Christians can't blame the Lord.
If this short time is 40 days, it'll be 100 days from Christchurch earthquake.
100 represents the Elect, so it fits perfectly.
If this theory is right, this short time will be the most precious period because millions of the new Bride are at stake.
Maranatha !