Elliot Hong (26 Nov 2010)
"Alert for China !"

Dear Doves:
The 16th Asian Game is going on now from Nov.12-27 in Guangzhou, China and it's too obvious that the North Korea,
a puppet regime of China, wouldn't do anything which might disrupt the Game especially attacking the South in a large
scale unless they had a pre-approval from China.
It's reported that Kim Jung Il and his 27 years old son, Kim Jung Eun visited the artillery corps just prior of attacking,
and the North Korea was ready in case the situation escalates into a war.
This is a clear proof that China was behind it.
Therefore, a serious clash is inevitable between two super powers when the USS aircraft carrier George Washington
moves into the west sea of Korea for the joint exercises with ROK naval forces which will take place from Nov.28 to Dec.1.
And it's reported that the Chinese Red Army has been exercised to attack aircraft carrier with missiles.
If it really happens, we all know well what it means.
Maranatha !