Elliot Hong (19 Nov 2010)
"Obvious Reasons"

Dear Doves:
According to the letter of Amanda, the Lord told her that He's making it "Obvious."
So I came up with obvious reasons for certain dates as below.
1) Nov.21
    It's the day of the Blue Moon which dances with Pleiades' Star Cluster.
    2010 started with the Blue Moon, and it could be a hint given by the Almighty from the beginning of this year.
    And Pleiades represents 7 Churches.
    According to Calvin, the reappearance of Venus(Jesus) as the bright morning star is a major sign in this time,
    and when Venus passes the Sun, it is like Venus leaving "tent" meaning Jesus leaves to "fetch" His Bride.
2) Nov.27
    As we all believe that the Christchurch earthquake was the definite sign from the Almighty, the 5.1 earthquake
    which occurred in Ascension Island on Nov.17 could be another definite sign as well.
    10 days after the Ascension of Jesus, the Church Age began as Ruach Elohim descended.
    And 5 represents Grace.
    Therefore, the earthquake in Ascension Island could be 10 day warning that Grace of the Church Age will end.
3) Dec.4-7
    Hanukkah is the feast of Light and the dedication of Temple.
    We're Light of the world and Temple of Ruach Elohim.
    Tevet is the month when Esther was crowned.
    New Moon is a shadow of thing to come, and the coming New Moon of Tevet will conjunct with Mars.
    It's 280 days from the 8.8 Chile earthquake near Concepcion which occurred on Feb.27 this year, and the name
    is given in reference to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.
    Therefore, it could represent the birth of a man child in Revelation 12.
    Hanukkah is the feast represents New Birth according to the parallel between 8 feasts of Israel and human gestation.
    Also Hanukkah is the feast which added later in BC 169 to the 7 original feasts given to Moses, and it suggests that
    Hanukkah is primarily associated with the Gentile Church.
4) Dec.21
    There will be a total Lunar Eclipse of the red full moon on this day.
    It could be a significant sign because it's the first total eclipse since the total Solar Eclipse on July 11 which occurred
    3 years in a row on the same day of Tisha B' Av.
Although there are many other revelations given through visions and dreams along with many theories for the above dates,
I presented only obvious reasons which are overwhelming enough in my opinion.
Maranatha !