Elliot Hong (16 Nov 2010)
"A Bad Omen of Massive Dead Jellyfish"

Dear Doves:
When I read the news "On Saturday morning(Nov.13), beachgoers were surprised to observe a tremendous
concentration of what appear to be moon jellyfish densely packed along the sands of Ocean Beach, San Francisco,"
I immediately recalled the coming Blue Moon on Nov.21.
Even the color of dead moon jellyfish is bluish, and I feel a bad omen about this.

And also it reminded me a post of Grace from RITA on Nov.11 "Warning To America...Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake,
I Will Awake A Sleeping Giant Again."
It's about a very strong warning from the Lord that Ken Dewey received recently and Ken believes that the Lord
warns the Christians to leave San Francisco.
Please discern and be alert !
Maranatha !