Elliot Hong (15 Nov 2010)
"Ariel Sharon Factor, the Come Back Kid and the Rapture"

Dear Doves:
1) As I posted many times, I firmly believe that The Oslo Accord was the type of the covenant of Dan 9:27.
    And we all remember how Bill Clinton tried so hard to conclude the final peace treaty at the Camp David Summit in the summer of
    2000, and failed at the last moment.
    He could push one more effort before his second term was over, but it went up in smoke due to the second Intifada which broke out
    on the Sep.28,2000, and the borrowed time was allowed by G-d from that point.
   How did the second Intifada break out ?
   It was Ariel Sharon, the leader of Likud Party at that time, who triggered the Intifada as he visited the Temple Mount.
   Therefore, Ariel Sharon was the sign of starting point of the borrowed time, and it makes sense that his death will usher in the coming
   of Yeshua as Rabbi Kaduri prophesied.
   And it clearly shows that the borrowed time is 10 years, if indeed the prophecy becomes a reality before 2010 ends.
2) During last the Mid-Term Election campaign, media often used expression "Come Back Kid."
    It referred Bill Clinton who was more popular than Obama.
    American people have a sort of "Nostalgia" about him remembering how those days were good during his Presidency.
    The more Obama is hated, the more Bill Clinton will be missed.
    Obama is hated so much by Jews as well, but I begin to suspect it could be a trap.
    Satan is so clever, and it's very possible that he makes Obama such a bad guy so that Jews fall into a deception to accept the real one.
    And after the 10 years borrowed time is completed, Bill Clinton could resume his destiny to confirm the covenant.
    No wonder he is called "Slick Willie."
    I remeber Rev.JR Church claimed that as Jacob was deceived twice by Laban, Israel will be deceived twice by the same person.
    He even superimposed the picture of Willie's face with Nero's, and they were exactly matched.
    As most good movies have a surprising ending, we ought to be opened for a surprising turn.
3) In my previous letter, I suggested two possible dates for the Rapture, and here is one more.
    As I posted on Oct.13, I believe the Chile 8.8 earthquake and the miners rescued event were connected.
    Here is what I wrote in that letter.
    "The 8.8 earthquake occurred near by Concepcion in Chile on Feb.27,2010 and I understand that the name is given in reference to the
     Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, it's very possible that the 8.8 earthquake meant the conception of a man child
     in Revelation 12, especially, for the numer 8 represents New Birth or New Beginning.  Normally from Conception to Birth is 270 days
     or 280 days.  270 days from Feb.27 is Nov.24/25, the Thanksgiving Day and 280 days falls on Dec.4/5, the mid of Hanukkah."
     It is also the new moon day of Tevet which is the month when Esther was chosen as the Queen.
Maranatha !