Elliot Hong (13 Nov 2010)
"Delay for 10 Days and Confirmation"

Dear Doves:
After I read the encouraging letter of Jan Mikael "Delay for 10 days,"  I found the post of Calvin
at RITA which is very convincing and confirming.
It said that Venus(Jesus) as the evening star disappeared, hidden for a while, then reappears
as the bright morning star, and Spica, the major star in Virgo, will be about as close as it will
get to Venus during this period.
Calvin thinks it's the largest sign that we have at this time.
Also it reintroduced the Chris' testimony of the Lord's visitation which he experienced on Oct.12,
the Chile miners rescued day, and he was impressed that either Nov.21 or the Thanksgiving Day
could be the Day of Blessed Hope.
According to Grace's post from RITA, there will be the Blue Moon in Taurus on Nov.21 and the
Lunar Eclipse of the red moon on Dec.21.
We all remember well that there was the Blue Moon on the New Year Eve of 2010, and no doubt
the clue of "Blue Moon" was given by the Almighty right from the beginning of this year.
And it could be the "Obvious" sign the Lord mentioned about.
Now I can think of two possibilities.
1) The Rapture could occur on Nov.21, then the Tribulation could begin on Dec.21.
2) The Anointing of Fire and Glory could come on Nov.21, then the Rapture could occur on Dec.21.
Because of the prophecies that Rabbi Kaduri and Maurice Sklar received, Option 2 is more likely to happen.
However, since Ariel Sharon was moved the other day to his ranch in Beer-sheba from the hospital, it's
possible that the prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri could be fulfilled within the next week as well as the prophecy
that Maurica Sklar received, then Option 1 could be right.
Either way, it's absolutely amazing to witness that G-d is in total control, and even synchronizes our postings.
What the powerful G-d we're serving !
Looking forward meeting you watchmen who will hear from the Lord "Well done, my faithful servants !"