Elliot Hong (10 Nov 2010)

Dear Doves:
1) G20 Summit will be held in Seoul, Korea on Nov.11/12, and there is a serious threat
    from the North to disrupt the Meeting.
    It's not likely they'll attack the Meeting directly, but there is a possibility to provoke
    a brutally confrontational climate that will heighten tensions on the Korean peninsula.
    I remember there were several posts of dream or vision a while ago about the surprise
    attack by the North at US military bases in Korea.
2) According to Calvin, 11/11 is 44 days from Sep.28 when the last occultation of Pleiades
    for 13 years occurred.
    44 = Judgment of the world
    The 44th Presidency is usurped
    Last Super Bowl was the 44th
    There was 4.4 earthquake at 4:04AM on Nisan 1 in near LA, and the Resurrection
    (Firstfruits)Day was 4/4
3) As Sara Reynolds posted, the Dow's closing of  11,444.08 on last Friday could be the
    warning sign from the Lord.
    11 = Judgment
    444 = Full knowledge revealed
    8 = New Beginning
    According to Amanda, the Lord told her that He knows we are trying to figure out the
    timing, that we know, and He's making it "obvious."
    Could 11/11 be it ?
Maranatha !