Edwin Samples (13 Nov 2010)
"rapture dream vision my mom had"

I would just like to share this with everyone here. My mom shared it with this morning I was so happy for her.

The vision: she started off by telling they were riding in a car with three other people, the front two were unknown peoples my mom and my brother who were in the back seat. They were driving down the road and they had to pull over (unknown reason). There was a tap on the window, she looked up and there were many people with guns, they had surrounded the vehicle. The man told my mom in an authoritive voice, you all need to get out your coming with us. They got out of the vehicle, as soon as they did  my mom said they were all raptured, the occupants of the car.

I just felt it was a vision of what it about to happen. I pondered this vision for most of the day. Two thoughts I had was 1) possibly a EMP disabled the vehicle. 2) Round up of christians for fema camps, like the nazi holocost.

We all know that the rapture will soon come, we shall rise and be with our Lord and Savior. Hope this touches you all as it has my mom, see you all in heaven if not on this earth.

Brother in Christ, Jesus
Edwin Samples