Edwina (3 Nov 2010)
"John Clark's - Christians Zionists Lost Tribe of Israel!"

Dear John,
O Thank you so much for the article from the Jerusalem Post, I missed that one!
My heart is burning at the "thought".....it has crossed my mind and heart whether the deep , DEEP feelings for the Jewish race, has it seems, obviously biblical and Spiritual dimensions but a "mystery" to feel this almost blood brother connection, an unconditional connection for problems and issues etc. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have thoroughly burst out in emotion at the Israeli dances, and songs, I have even gone to the extreme of buying books and c'ds and have my Sabbath and Havdallah candle, with my prayer shawl singing on my own, " Eli-ya-hoo Ha-na-vee, Eli-ya-hoo Ha-tish-bee, Eli-ya-hoo Ha-gil-a-dee
                                                        Bim-he-rah Ya-vo, Ya-vo E-ley-nu, Eem Ma-shi-ach Ben David!"
                                                        ( Elijah the prophet, Elijah the Tishbi, Elijah the Giladi
                                                          May He come quickly to us with Messiah, Son of David!)
How thrilling it has been to discover all this and learn of their utter Love of the Living True God, Creator of the Universe.....and completes my understanding as a lover of Christ.
When I first put the prayer shawl on I felt a fantastic "complete" feeling and Fire, and when I pulled the Tallit over my head! tabernacled with the Living God, utterely wondrous!
I cannot WAIT! to meet Jesus and thank you to ALL doves who share their dreams and senses for these are so important to keep our hearts in this waiting for the Beloved to appear! Praise the Lord, Jesus WE LOVE YOU, come quickly and do not delay! Amen
p.s if Patty Hayes is reading this, I am still working on sending a photo of my doves! at this rate I may be too late!! if 8th November is the new, re-defined Feast of Trumpets, I will be able to show you at my house that Jesus has for me, we may be neighbours! God Bless.