Edwina (11 Nov 2010)
"Simpsons' Clock is niggling me!"

Dear John and Doves,
I have been thinking about the clock in the scene, after the bomb has gone off, the clock flies through the air and lands near Omer...he says, " Its lunch time." drawing our attention to the 11. Ordinarily wouldn't we search out the hour hand before reading the second, (minute) hand?
Since the 6th and 9th have passed, perhaps it could be the 11th of November?
Or 11 + 6 or 9 = The Big Day?
Or perhaps the actual "date" of Novemeber not focused on because we would all remember the date of such a monumental event....in the 11th month?
How interesting about the demon spirit believed by the Indonesians to be in the volcano being released and connected to the statue of BHO and of him who is alive of that name.
All dates have not yet been exhausted!