Devorahli Rod (5 Nov 2010)
"To Traci Ann: about 'disturbing dream""

Dear Traci Ann;
Your post caught my attention!!
I had some similar experience in a church I belong to on 1994.
I used to go at 5 am to pray in the altar and started to have visions. One day I saw a very tall  feet grotesc woman walking in the middle of the altar. I asked the Lord what was that and the word "spiritism" came to my mind. I could not saw her face, but even when she was walking I felt with nausea. I started to rebuked her and she ran outside from the altar.I went to talk with  the pastor of the church and asked him about this vision I had related to "spiritism" and what was going on.
He told me: "Well, I have some books in my garage of Allan Kardec about spiritism, but I just used them like references for  the bible studies...."
I advised him to throwed away that kind of materials that belongs to the enemy. I do not know if he did it. I thought not. Days after I started to see many demonic figures in a cloth they put in front of the altar. The cloth was a grafiti painting that one of the elder ( right hand of the pastor )painted.I talked to my husband about the demonic figures in that cloth, but he told me not to tell anybody about this. A week after one of the child who was sitting in front of the altar saw the demonic figures and  he told the pastor what he had seen. They throwed away the cloth. Right now and sadly I have to tell you the walls of that church shaked and fell down I can not tell you in this post how it was... but the Lord revealed me through  dreams what was going on with the pastor.
In these very last days we have to be in complete communion and intimacy with our Lord and always ask him for His perfect will in our lifes. The enemy is like a roaring lion looking to destroy but thanks the Almighty for His  constanly guidance.
May the Lord bless and keep you and your family.
Under His Wings,