Donna Danna (23 Nov 2010)

Dear Doves,
The people in the U.S. will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this coming Thursday, 11/25.  However, the greatest Thanksgiving Day for Christian believers will be the day they are taken to heaven alive in an incorruptible and immortal body and never die, or when they are resurrected from the dead in immortal bodies and taken to heaven.  
Below is a list of Thanksgiving Day & Harvest Anagrams that have been compiled by rearranging all the letters in each word to make other words.  Some sound Biblical and some don't.  As a side note, the 7 churches in the book of Revelation were in the country of Turkey.
Thanksgiving - saving knight
gleans - angels
sheaves - He saves
firstfruits sheaf - sift fruits afresh
barley sheaf - yes bear half
barley sheaf - ah ably frees
barley sheaves - He saves bleary
barley harvest - earthly braves
winnoweth barley - the bleary win now
wheat harvest - have set wrath
wheat sheaves - saves hath ewe
grape clusters - great scruples
grape clusters - scarlet purges
grape clusters - grasp cruelest
harvest grapes - gravest seraph
olive harvest - ethos revival
olive harvest - loaves thrive
fig harvest -- grave shift
poultry - lo try up
turkeys - true sky
prepared turkey - perky departure
readiness - sin erased
turkey feathers - Father's true key
blueberry pie - ye purer Bible
lima beans - a bailsmen
whole cranberry sauce - her crown barley cause
corn kernels on cob - noble reckon scorn
rolls and butter - Lord turns table
dressing - sin dregs
gravies - is grave
mashed potatoes - atop homesteads
apple pie - pipe peals
apple cider - placed ripe
cherry pie - I perch rye
mincemeat pie - impatience me
peach pie - peace hip
pumpkin pies - mink puppies
bread stuffing - daring buffet
peas - apes
corn and lima beans - mainlanders bacon
succotash - such tacos
turkey breast - truest bakery
turkey legs - tykes gruel
turkey wings - gutsy winker