Donna Cothran (16 Nov 2010)
"Lyle Cooper (12 Nov 2010)"

Dear Lyle, you wrote: . .  "when John saw the vision of the throne room, in chapter 4, JESUS WAS NOT THERE AT ALL, much less at the Father's right hand?"
This vision John saw was told by Jesus Himself already Resurrected and sitting at the Right Hand of God. .     . . 
John saw the Living Lord resurrected and sitting at the Right Hand of God.  John saw His Lord and Christ Risen . .  how breathtaking that moment must have been!!! 
John saw the Son of man; right there, right then, the immeasurable Sovereign of the universe standing in the heavens, Resurrected and Glorious holding the stars.
John described our Lord Risen, blazing, more radiant than the sun,  with a voice that thundered as He held the Churches in His grip.
. . .  and what was John's response?  He bowed before his awesome God, falling face down as dead in total reverence and humility to Christ’s Lordship.