Deborah W (5 Nov 2010)
"To Judy Morford"

Dear Judy,
Thanks for sharing your amazing story!  I am writing in regards to your grand daughter's peanut allergy.  Jesus said that by HIS stripes we are healed.  You, as a Chrisitan have FULL authority over the peanut allergy.  You need to lay hands on your grand daughter and say
"Peanut allergy, I rebuke you, I command you to leave this child of the Most High God, In Jesus' name"  "I command all fear of peanuts, and death from peanuts to leave her, in Jesus' name".  "Father, release her from all bondage regarding this allergy, in Jesus' name."  "I cast all of this peanut allergy bondage to the footstool of Jesus."  Keep praying until it is gone, you will both just KNOW when it is gone!  I can't wait to hear your praise report!
Deborah W