Deborah (6 Nov 2010)
""red flags" that something's on the horizon"

Someone else sees the same "red flags" that something's on the horizon

Robert Rose
(5 Nov 2010)

"Update On OBAMA EXODUS and Soon to be Terror?"

Obama just signed new Executive order about the line of succession within the DOJ!
What the heck is going on?
Oh, look who else will happen to be out of the country:
WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is to leave Washington Friday for trips to Australia and Malaysia, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters Thursday.
Gates will join Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their Australian hosts, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Defense Minister John Faulkner, in Melbourne for the 25th anniversary Australian-U.S. ministerial meetings (AUSMIN), announced Morrell.
Nov. 2-16: Hillary Clinton out of town to: Hawaii, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia and American Samoa.
Nov. 4-14 (?): President and entourage out of USA (I think Obama leaves Nov. 5)
Nov. 5: V series "Remember Remember the 5th of November" (Guy Hawks Day); Atlanta Federal Reserve holds meeting on Jekyll Island
Nov. 5-9: Vice President Biden hosts Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks in New Orleans at the Jewish Federations General Assembly/International Lion of Judah Conference; also attending: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Opposition Leader Livni, and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak
Nov. 5-14: Webbot "Tipping Point"
Nov. 6-14: Timewave Zero plunge til Feb. '11
Nov. 6: Atlanta Federal Reserve holds meeting on Jekyll Island
Nov. 6: "Simpsons" show has hidden nuke message for this day
Nov. 7: "Terminator" movie says "Storm coming" on this day
Nov. 8: "Heroes" show says nuclear explosion on this day
Nov. 8: Hebrew "Mazzaroth" Cal. says actual Rosh Hoshanna
Nov. 11: Steve Quayle warns of possible Bank Holiday
Nov. 12: Movie "Skyline" released of mass alien abductions

Also here's the itinerary for Obama's trip:
This is what I know about the itinerary for Obama’s trip abroad in early November:
Nov. 6-10 India (New Dehli, Mumbai): longest stay in a foreign country since becoming President)
Nov. 11-12 South Korea (Seoul): G-20 Conference
Nov. 13-14 Japan (Yokohama): Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Summit
Nov. 15-18 Indonesia (Jakarta): The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Japan
Nov. 19-20 Spain (Lisbon): NATO & European Union meetings

Just keeping everyone "up to speed".
Robert Rose
PS:  Is something on the horizon?  Nukes? Rapture? War?  We shall see, but always be ready to meet Jesus Christ.

-----Original Message-----

There does seem to be a convergence of "signs", "omens", "warnings" approaching.

  • Bible Codes
  • Webbots pointing to something happening between 11/5-/11/14
  • This illuminati fore-warning of 11/6/10 of another false flag disaster
  • Obama getting out of town on 11/5 with an entourage of 3,000, and 34 War Ships, etc, etc
  • Warnings of an impending bank holiday
  • Creators of the Federal Reserve retreating back to Jekyll Island for 100 year anniversary 11/5-11/6....this group would know of an impending false flag attack....but more likely they would know of an impending crash of global economies.  No doubt they will be celebrating their success of destroying the world's economies, stripping everyone of their wealth, while they become even more filthy rich.
  • Netanyahu coming to the U.S. this weekend, Drosnin's warning that his death by a nuke will ignite WW3 this weekend

So a lot things seem to be converging on and warning of the immediate days ahead of us.

I hope they are all wrong.

But these are very unusual times.  Our economy is in meltdown, as we speak.  Leaders have all fled (or fleeing) Wash DC.  Sure looks like something's up.