Deborah (20 Nov 2010)
"State GOP leaders grab issue of Obama eligibility"

2 Thoughts come to mind about these articles:

1) If Obama finally gets publicly vetted by one state, and found not to be ineligibile to serve, that would be grounds for removing him from office and ALL legislation that he signed would be null and void until some other president signed it, IF anyone politically dumb enough would sign it.

2) The second article makes me wonder again if Obama is really the son of Obama Sr.  There are rumors that BHO is actually the son of Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a black communist exiled to Hawaii who ended up mentoring  BHO.  He was known to be promiscuous and was a family friend of the Dunham's, also communists.  So IF BHO is actually the illegitimate son of Frank Marshall Davis, then both his parents are American Citizens.  Obama married Dunham to make BHO appear to be legitimate.  Perhaps this is why Obama Sr. wanted no mention of Dunham or BHO in the papers.  This would explain why that Military Judge refused to hear the evidence about BHO because it might "prove embarrassing".  Last question is: IF all the above is true, then the last remaining question is WHERE was BHO born?  In the states or in Kenya?  Obama Sr.'s mother claimed to have seen BHO born in Kenya, but she no doubt could have been told that BHO was Obama Sr's son.  There is no long form birth certificate in Hawaii for BHO.  No hospital in Hawaii brought him into this world that's for sure.  So where was he born?