Dawn Dominick (23 Nov 2010)
"Dream of Jesus"

Hello Doves.....

I had an incredible dream/vision in the wee hours of 11/22 about Jesus.  I have never had a dream quite like this one.  I wasn't going to post it because there have been so many dreams posted lately, I wasn't sure anyone would want to read another one!  :-)   However, after reading about Valerie's dream....it was so similar to mine, I thought maybe it could be an encouragement to everyone.  So here goes:

I dreamt that I opened a door and on the other side, maybe about 75 feet away, I saw Jesus and the hosts of heaven (as far as the eye could see) standing there!  There was all this bright, bright, white light, so I couldn't see their features really.  Jesus was holding out His hand toward me, and I said "Jesus!"  as I went toward Him.  I thought he was going to take me in the Rapture.  :-)   

Then the scene switched, and I was seeing Him as He looked when they took Him down from the cross.  Still with all the bright white light around.  He was loosely wrapped with a white sheet, but I could see His upper body and the muscles of His arms and all--even His face a little bit.  I just felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude and said, "Oh I love you Jesus."   Then it ended (bummer)!

Oh, I also got the distinct impression of the number 2, which in Biblical numerology is symbolic of separation, division, sometimes deliverance, etc.  And funny how the dream was on 11/22.  I think it was a "sign" that we are soon outta here!

Maranatha!  See y'all in the air!

YSIC  Dawn