David Daughtrey (22 Nov 2010)
"Re: To June....is this what you saw??"

           Hi June:
           Thank's for helping me watch for this sphere shaped object. I'm afraid that wasn't it.
           This object was ,for the most part smooth skinned,it only had four section's, held to-
           gether,by what appeared to be old ancient rivot's, the same as on the old steam rail-
           road boiler engines. It also was the color of copper or brass. When this was shown to
           me I was approx. 1 half to 1 mile from it. It was quiet huge, I can guarantee you it
           is big enough it wont be missed.  If you happen to be asleep when it does show up
           it will be on the new's the next day. or until the electricity goes off ( not caused by
           this object ) no this thing on the the new's is very, very tiny compared to the sky ob-
           ject. I do greatly appreciate you helping me watch  Thank's Again.  God Bless.
           Scroll down to view sky object again