David Daughtrey (16 Nov 2010)

                           To Dove's and Lurker's
          Yes every year we recieve the same "WOW" or" THIS IS IT" or" FOR SURE" dates.
      Starting from April thru December,constantly new bible verse's to back up each one as
      they pass by.
           I feel for sure the right date has been discovered, but constantly wrong timeing.
      "As of the day's of Noah", to me it's nothing more than what was qouted in the bible.
   &nb! sp;   We are and have been since the 60's. When the moral decay of the U.S. really got
       started full swing, hippy's, woodstock,drug's,sexual revelution, marriage's dying, re-
       marrying multiple time's, just living together and having children. Scientist world wide
       have been tampering with the genetic's of crop's and animal's, just like the fallen angel's
       so the claim is true that he's coming in these day's like Noah's, but not on the exact day
       of the flood ( Again The Timeing Is Wrong ) All these dates feast, harvest and etc. will
       continue to be wrong until the right timeing.
          " Now "  I'll try to get! to the right or real timeing that I believe in. First Israel is God's
      time peace. In Israel it's already 2011 since this last Sept. or RH. So anybody still waiting
      for a 2010 rapture, it ain't gonna happen.
          " Next", the Rapture can't happen until there's a peace treaty signed or about to be
      signed." Now hear this!" the Palestinian's, Hamas, Hizbolla and syrian's want's all the land
      back from the 6 day war plus one half of Jerusalem for there capital. Folk's this not going
      to happen, Israel will never agree to this. Both sides are stalling for now, Israel's enemies
      think they can take all the land plus more with another war, Like wise Israel's stal! ling for
      military positioni! ng.
          In the next few month's U.S. and possibly other coalition will attack Iran. When this
     attack happen's ,Hizbollah and her 40,000 estimated rocket's, with chemical war head's,
     plus Hamas and Palestinians will attack Israel. From Iran to Israel this will be a much more
      violent war than the six day war. This in my opinion will be the Psalm 83 war. This could
     also be the destruction of Damascus war. If the chemical weapon's  get to much for Israel
     she'll nuke Damascus, no if's and's or but's.
         Israel's enemies lose more land this time than the six day war.( Temple Building Time ).
     They're wipped s! o bad , they'll want peace at any agreement . That mean's, when this war
     is over your  Rapture timeing is near. It will be in 2011 Israel's time, that will still put you
     in the -7 year from 2018 time frame. Remember 2017 ( Jubilee Year ) run's through 2018.
     Or remember 1948 + 70 = 2018 . I'm not going to turn this into a nuclear equation.
        Like I said ,All these dates, feast and harvest etc,etc.. will be good to go ,when the time is
     right, the war is over ,Israel's enemies are ready to sign. Actually, as for my self when the
     war end's, that's when I'll start looking for the object in the sky ,plus the 2 -3 week's of
     world wide electrical shut down, as to the 1996 ( Wide! Awake, No Dream, Rapture Vision)
    !   given and shared on this Brother John's ( Five Doves Site).
          I'm open to any comment's or disagreement's... you can e-mail me at
         God Bless You and Your's..... brother David