Dave Hasselbeck (5 Nov 2010)
"Day of Atonement 9/23/2015 or 9/30/2017"

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
How is it determined when the Day of Atonement is? 

Bruce Warner has indicated the Day of Atonement to be 9/23/2015.
Pastor Riley has indicated the Day of Atonement to be 9/30/2017.
I am just trying to understand - - - - 

Is it a fixed calender date? 


Does it come about by a new moon sighting?

I am not trying to start an argument here – I just want to understand. 

We are CLOSE either way…………but just wanted to get a better grasp of this. 

According to Pastor Riley, counting back 2520 days from 9/30/2017 gives us November 7th as our departure date……………… I keep looking up every time I go outside!!!!!!


Dave Hasselbeck