Daniel Matson (29 Nov 2010)
"A Possible Gestation/Tribulation Parallel"


A Possible Gestation/Tribulation Parallel

Daniel Matson - November 26, 2010

The Time of Jacob's Trouble, the 70th Week of Daniel, or the Tribulation is equated with the birthing process. It is the time of travail. The countdown will begin when the Church is removed and the final seven years begin. As has been said here previously, it now looks like the 70th Week runs from Hanukkah 2010 to Day 1290 in 2017. This still allows 2,520 days and allows for 1,260, 1,290, and 1,135 days to fit as previously figured to land on the Day of Atonement, Heshvan 10, and the second day of Hanukkah respectively in 2017.

What is interesting about the potential start time of Hanukkah and then the future fulfillment of the Fall Feasts, is that Jesus was also conceived and birthed on Hanukkah and the Feast of Tabernacles respectively. In a sense then His gestational period matches the sequence of dates over seven years. Then can it be said that His birthing process was set to match what is to come? It would sure look like this was the pattern.

But in a sense there are two countdowns. The other countdown begins when the signs Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 began to occur. It is most interesting that world war was one of those signs. The two days of importance were its beginning on the 9th of Av 1914 and the surrender of Jerusalem on Hanukkah 1917. From the Hanukkah 1917 date it appears that it is 100 years until Hanukkah 2017 and the fulfillment of Day 1,135. It would then seem that both start dates in discussion here (1917 & 2010) are both on Hanukkah. Hanukkah 2010 may prove to be the start of the final seven years in the countdown. Hanukkah is the time of Messiah's conception and then the time to start the travail--both start times then at 100 years and at seven years.


From Front Page: A Hanukkah thought

It is believed that Jesus was conceived during the time of Hanukkah and that he was born 40 weeks later during the fall festivals--most likely Sukkot or known as Tabernacles. There is much to back this up with John 1:14 and the word used for "dwelt" could read "tabernacled". The angels’ use of "tidings of joy" to the shepherds fits the season of Joy--Tabernacles.

But the thought is this. Does the gestational period of Messiah parallel the time of a Hanukkah start point of Daniel's 70th Week with dwelling again fulfilled on Tabernacles? Is it that obvious?

Another key event occurred 93 years ago on Hanukkah 1917. It is believed this event also starts the countdown to the end. Is Hanukkah the start time–twice, in the countdown?