Clay Cantrell (24 Nov 2010)
"Vision of the Snowy Ship and the Star Devices"

Readers -

this link:

gives a basic overview of the Lord's Visitation in December 1997.

there are many things that happened and that I saw that are not recorded
there. some of which I have shared on this site. One of most astounding
and beautiful visions I re-post here:

The Vision of the Snowy Ship and the Star Devices

In the vision, I found my self on the deck of what can only described as
a cruise ship. I was standing on one of the perimeter decks. I do not
know how many decks were above or below me, not how big the ship was.
This ship was in outer space for I could see out beyond the edge of the
deck, and it wasn't water - it was space. I knew that if you went over
the edge you'd be floating in space. From my position to the edge of the
deck to my left was about 10-15 meters. the deck was covered in snow and
ice, but I wasn't cold. looking forward I saw the deck wrap (curve)
around to the right a fair distance and go out of my site into the darkness.

There was children of different ages ice skating on deck, and there was
snow everywhere. it was dark, like at night, but there were lamp posts
along the edge of the deck every so often that illuminated the scene.
the children were dressed in Victorian clothing for winter including
hats, scarves, coats etc. one young man (say, 12-15 years old) skated by
within about 3 meters from me.

To my right were what can only be described as 'shops', like you'd find
in a old downtown city main street, with beautiful windows. They wrapped
around to the right into the distance - they were part of the main body
of the ship. I felt like if I were to walk forward that the shops on the
right were varied containing different kinds of things.

I stood by one of the shop windows, and I was completely spellbound.
they were all beautifully decorated like it was Christmas. the shop
window I looked into was one of two for this particular shop that seemed
to have a door in the middle. this window was fully dressed as if it was
Christmas - i.e there were colored and white lights around the perimeter
of the window. the glass was 'fogged' and frosty around the edges as if
it were warmer in the shop than outside on the snowy deck. there was
warm colored lights on in the shop. there were one or two snow covered
steps into each of the shops on this 'strip'. this window was quite
gorgeous. there were things displayed in the window, as if it was a kind
of jewelry/clock/watch store. I had the distinct impression that you
could go into this shop and either purchase or walk out with something
they had in there. what I saw displayed in the shop window defies
conventional description.

there were many small items that were sized like a tabletop clock might
be. these were a cross between an intricate clock, beautiful jewelry,
and a music box in appearance. made out of metals and jewels with a high
gold content, these were working machines like a clock is a machine that
has a purpose. these were more than a time keeping device, they were
astronomical devices.

I've only seen one thing that even comes close to looking like them or
matching them in purpose, though it pales in comparison.

The Antikythera Mechanism.

go here:

and this link for images:

I got a foggy through-the-window look at one of them. there were
different styles and kinds. the one I got the best look at was mostly
made of gold, and it was very very complex and intricate. gorgeous but
seemed to be very delicate. the gears were exposed and it moved like a
clock moves, but it was tied to the heavens as a way to track stars,
planets etc - that was my distinct impression. it was gorgeous, unlike
anything I have ever seen before or since. It was a sphere shaped device
about as big as a man's hand, set in a base like a globe is set in a
stand. I got a fairly good look at it. breathtakingly beautiful.

At that point I woke out of the vision.

I suspected that this ship was for the Bride. I have even thoerized
lately that each deck of the ship was a different season, and that I was
on the 'Winter' deck. if you wanted warmer, sunnier summer-like weather,
or Autumn etc, you go to different deck.

if you were wondering if I wanted to go back and never ever leave, you
would be correct.