Clay Cantrell (22 Nov 2010)
"Will Schumacher and Bracketing"

Sorry, Will. I have not looked at other possible bracketing incidents in Genesis using Bible text numbers.

I do see this phenom happening again and again with Bible numbers of all types, including Strong's numbers.

One of the first ones I noticed early on was in regard to the number 2441. if I've mentioned this before I apologize.

Strong's 2441 H = Chek, roof of the mouth or palate. Root word related to Enoch/Chanuk. found in SOS 7:09 etc

I felt like Enoch must be a forerunner of the Rapture - so, I looked at the Harpazo numbers.

Strong's Greek 726 = Harpazo
Strong's gematria = 989


726 + 989 + 726 = 2441

perfect.  Thank You, Jesus!

In addition to that, base conversions also locked down the 2441 number. (I have to give credit where credit is due and say that Bob Ware introduced me to base conversions.) Below is the very first base conversion I looked at years ago after buying a ten dollar calculator that could do them.

2441 decimal = 989 hexadecimal.


Jesus is Lord.