Clay Cantrell (20 Nov 2010)
"The evens of 11.18.10"

Readers -

i was watching day 322, 11.18.10 as i considered it marked for various reasons, and I had an unusual encounter with the Lord involving numbers. it was supernatural, and I am sure it was (is) important. it occurred in the evening about 7 pm or 19:00 hours - which may be important as you read further.

remember my visitation from God started December 5, 1997 on day 339 or 12.05.97

you can read about it here:

i was looking again at the use of the Strong's greek number 339 'anakathizo' which means to 'sit up'. each of the only two times in the NT that it is used involve people 'sitting up' from the dead. resurrections.

Luke 7:15 = son (nameless) of the widow of Nain (Beautiful). Jesus raises him.
Acts 9:40 (Dorcas/Tabitha/gazelle) from Joppa (Beautiful). Peter prays over her.

specifically Luke 7:15  found here:

Luke 7:15
"And he that was dead sat up (339g) , and began to speak. And he (Jesus) delivered him to his mother."

total verse gematria of Luke 7:15 =

    5276 = 1319 x 2 x 2

running total through the second word 339g = 382

not recognizing that I subtracted it from the total 5276 which left:

    4894 = 2447 x 2

this really stunned me! i knew both of those base primes!

due to this base conversion:

    1319 dec = 2447 oct = 527 hxd !

almost unfathomable. base conversions related to the full and partial gematrias of a certain verse, both being tied to Jared 527, hinged on the 339 word? beyond belief. only the Lord can do that kind of stuff.

running the 4894 number though my regular check points turned up something that stunned me even more! in fact, i was in a stupor for two hours, completely thunderstrunk into silence.

4894 =

    (527 x 7) + 1205  !!

4894 =

    (911 x 5) + 339  !!

remember these triplets:
day 339 = 12.05 and 1205 = 339 + 527 + 339
339 + 1319 + 339 = 1997

since the Lord's visitation has turned out to be so much about 527, and the 911 event and it's numbers, the sheer accuracy of those totally blew me away.

sitting there stunned, I checked the gematria references using Bible Wheel on 4894

there are three verses that have total verse gematrias of 4894:

Genesis 45:11
"And there will I nourish thee; for yet there are five years of famine; lest thou, and thy household, and all that thou hast, come to poverty."

Isaiah 45:3
"And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel."

Daniel 9:21
"Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer, even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of the evening oblation."

I immediately recognized the Isaiah verse because the Lord specifically spoke to me out of that verse in November 1997, and I made a special note of it in my Bible, the same Bible I used during the visitation where I made all my notes -  but this is PRIOR to the visitation which I did not know was coming! it appears now that the visitation and the numbers IS the wealth of the secret places found in the Holy Place with the Father (Matthew 6). the Lord has been speaking to me out of this chapter many times over the years dating back to 1981/1982 when a brother prayed over me and saw a vision of huge bronze doors opening for me. read all of the chapter.

looking at the Genesis 45:11 shocked me. I immediately thought that there maybe was a real possibility that we were in Daniel's final week by two years as Ron Reese as written about extensively and MJ Agee seems to consider a serious possibility. I had discounted it up until this point. in Dec 97 the Lord really impressed on me that this concept of Joseph appearing a second time to his brothers was prophetic in nature out of Acts 7:13, and had to do with the Lord's return. i'm still puzzling over that one.

lastly I looked at the Daniel 9:21 verse out of the very famous chapter. read the entire chapter. the last verse addresses this final week, and the covenant with the many. notice the time of Gabriel's visitation, which is evening. Gabriel is so very important.

Gabriel is Strong's hebrew number 1403

Gabriel's hebrew gematria = 246

this triplet is self explanatory:

    1403 = 246 + 911 + 246 !

i'm still in a fog over this and consider this a poorly articulated overview.

I do think that we are very close to the Resurrection of the Dead and the Gathering Together of the Saints as found in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

i have a page full of other numbers buried in the 4894 number. here is a short list:

4894 =

(962 x 5) + 84 ---> Jared lifespan = 962, Enoch hebrew gematria = 84

(214 x 11) + 2540--->Jared hebrew gematria = 214, day 254 = 9-11

(1377 x 2) + 2140---> 1377 the # of days from 12.5.97 through 9.11.01, 214 = Jared

(254 x 18) + 322--->254 = day # for 9-11, 322 = day number for 11.18.

special note on 322.

in the Daniel 9:21 verse with Gabriel there appears a 322 valued word.

expect a Gabriel event.