Clay Cantrell (18 Nov 2010)
"Revelation 22:21, Damascus & Enoch"

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Revelation 22:21 is the last vese of the Bible which reads as follows:

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."

this is verse number 31102.

it seems reasonable to consider this an End of All Things number.

I've written before that I'm sure the Lord showed me the number 1289 as a "Damascus is Destroyed" number from Isaiah 17:1.

1289 = (254 x 3) + 527

254 = day number for 9-11-2001
527 = Jared's age when Enoch is taken
5270 = 527 x 10 = total of all day #s from Sept 11 through end of month. Tower One.

Enoch's greek gematria = 1455

last verse 31102 =

    (1289 x 23) + 1455

i also consider 23 the number of the Bride, and it is associated with all things saved out of the sea, of which the Rapture (Gathering Together) is a type.

if you go here:

you can see the gematria value for the word Grace which is Strong's 5485g.

check it out.

the appearance of this number in this verse would seem to make sense in light of the (254 x 3) + 527 number, i.e. 1289.

9-11 seems to be a type or forerunner of the Isaiah 17:1 event, which I theorize is closely timed to the Rapture. imho.