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My name is CJ from Rapture Flight To Heaven: I am 20 years old and love five doves! There a lot of studies here…SORRY


I would like for you to post these STUDIES:


50 days...Parallel to Rapture! Praise the LORD! WOW WOW

50 days...Parallel to Rapture?! Praise the LORD! WOW

>From the feast of First Fruits to Pentecost - 50 days

First Fruits - Beginning of Barley harvest (resurrection of Christ)

Pentecost - Beginning of Wheat harvest (BEGINNING OF CHURCH)

These two events were 50 days apart!

Well, the feast of First Fruits was the BEGINNING of Barley harvest and Pentecost was BIRTH OF CHURCH!

Have to understand that...

There are 50 days between BEGINNING of Barley harvest and BIRTH OF CHURCH!

The parallel continues:

The feast of Atonement ends the Grape harvest, and thus 50 days later, is the END OF THE CHURCH AGE!

Before I end it:




The BARLEY harvest and GRAPE harvest on First Fruits and Pentecost BOTH begin a 50 day countdown to the BEGINNING and ENDING of the church age...


One more time:

>From "BEGINNING" of Barley harvest to "BEGINNING of church age is 50 days!

>From "ENDING" of Grape harvest to "ENDING" of church age is 50 days!

So, since the rapture is in 2010, let's see what we get:

>From ENDING of Grape harvest on Atonement 2010:

Atonement 2010 is September 17th/18th, 2010

If you add 50 days from this day (end of grape harvest), you get exactly...

November 6th, 2010




Are We are going home in 3/4 days?

I don't even know what to say, NO REASON TO SAY NO!

I don't think we can NEVER know the day or hour, sorry. If so, why is there so much date speculation by people like Dan Matson or Sandy Armstrong?

They have dates! I don't think God sees anything bad in doing this. I believe we CAN KNOW in the end times revelation of the outpouring of the spirit..."Knowledge" (knowing the day or hour?)...will increase"...

Secrets of the kingdom of God (day and hour) will be revealed to those who search it out!

I believe God has finally revealed it!

If it passes, don't put your faith or base your feelings of life on my posts. God is foremost, over dates (even if right or wrong)...



In conclusion:

There are 4 agricultural harvests that reflect prophetic/spiritual harvests of God's redemptive plan for mankind

- Barley

- Wheat

- Grapes

- Olives

There are 3 steps in God's dealing with these harvests in the prophetic sense:

These 3 steps are:

- First Fruits

- Harvest

- Resurrection


Here we go:


First Fruits of the Barley - Jesus Christ resurrected

Harvest following - Old testament saints

Resurrection -



First Fruits of the Wheat - 144,000 virgin servants

Harvest following - Those converted (threshed) on the "tribulum" (by tribulation) & martyred saints

Resurrection - Martyred saints at end of tribulation. Those converted who survive enter 1000 year reign who will be "ruled" over by saints (including martyred saints)



First Fruits - There are no first fruits because ALL of God's enemies are "gathered" at one time into the wine-press of his wrath. Grape are "crushed" and so will be ALL of God's enemies

(None of God's enemies are judged before the other, they are ALL judged and resurrected at the same time)

Harvest - Gathering together of ALL God's enemies into the wine-press of his wrath

Resurrection - All unsaved through the church age, into the tribulation are resurrected at the end of the 1000 years into the "second death" (lake of fire)!



First Fruits - 120 saved in upper room; 3000 saved on day of Pentecost

Harvest - Church age saints indwelt with spirit

Resurrection - Rapture of new testament saints before the tribulation (1st Thessalonians 4:16-17)


The "resurrection/gathering" of the Olives (rapture) will happen at it's ordained time in God's agricultural calendar. In God's agricultural calendar, ending of the Olive harvest falls in October/November!

Since the rapture is this year, the rapture will happen in November, the same time the agricultural Olive harvest ends! HALLELUJAH!!!

Rapture -- November 2010!

Since the rapture is coupled with the sudden destruction/tribulation/day of the Lord...and the tribulation count ends on Yom Kippur 2017 when the Jubilee is declared...

Exactly 2520 days later falls on the sudden destruction/rapture on the November 6th, 2010 Sabbath New moon!


Check this out: We do not know the day or the hour right?

If we were Barley, we would know the EXACT day of the rapture, which would be the day the barley harvest is "gathered" which is Pentecost!



If we were the Wheat, we would know the EXACT day of the rapture, which would be the day the wheat harvest is "gathered" which is Tu'B'Av!



If we were Grapes, we would would have already been raptured, because the grape harvest ends at Tabernacles!



The "gathering"/"ending" of the barley, wheat, and grape harvest are KNOWN:

Pentecost, Tu'B'Av, and Tabernacles!

The rapture did happen on ANY of those days because we are not any of those crops. If we were, we would know the exact day and hour, but because we are Olives and there IS NO specific day the Olive harvest ends, we cannot know the day or hour!!


All we can know is the "season" of the Olive harvest GATHERING which is October/November!!!!!




The Tribulation Comes "Suddenly"!!!

"As in the days on Noah" -- "As in the days of Lot"

Eating, Drinking, Marrying, Given in to marriage, UP TO THE DAY Noah entered ark, then the flood came and destroyed them all...

Eating and Drinking, Buying and Selling, Planting and Building, UP UNTIL THE DAY Lot LEFT Sodom, then fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all....

Surely this is not a second coming event! This is referring to when the rapture occurs and how judgment follows!

Well, "JUST AS IT WAS" of Noah and Lot, "SO ALSO WILL IT BE" when the rapture/judgment comes. We can see that the exact day that Noah entered ark and Lot left Sodom, is the day that JUDGMENT came and DESTROYED them all!!!!

Basically, according to JESUS CHRIST, the rapture/tribulation will happen the same way as Christ has said.

Luke 17:26-30

"It will be JUST LIKE THIS on the day the Son of Man is revealed" Here that...JUST LIKE THIS...


The day Christ comes and we leave, is the DAY destruction comes!!!

In Luke 21:34, Jesus says:

"Then that day could suddenly catch you by surprise"

What "Day" is Jesus talking about?

He is talking about the "DAY OF THE LORD" A.K.A the time of destruction from the almighty, the tribulation!!!!

He then says the tribulation will come "suddenly" or UNEXPECTED!! There will be no warning!

He said that the tribulation, just like the flood of Noah's day, or the destruction of Sodom, would be UNEXPECTED and come as the day God delivered Noah and Lot and the church!!!!

"When THEY SAY ‘peace and safety', then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will come upon them..., and THEY shall not escape".

The "sudden destruction" is actually "UNEXPECTED DESTRUCTION" by way of tribulation because once you're in it, you cannot escape! It comes UNEXPECTED as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT, JUST LIKE JESUS IN THE RAPTURE TO THOSE IN DARKNESS...

"The day of the Lord so cometh as a thief"

Jesus comes as a "thief" to take his bride to those in darkness as well!!!

The tribulation AND rapture comes as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT, then meaning on the SAME DAY!!!

That day is November 6th, 2010!!!


Can't believe I missed it before! -- Why the rapture did not happen from April to now?

Barley - Old testament saints who rose with Christ being the "first fruits" of the barley!

(That's why rapture did not happen in April)

Wheat - Put under "tribulum" and we don't go through tribulation to be threshed!

(That's why rapture did not happen in May - June)

Grapes - Totally crushed in wine-press for the wine-press of the wrath of God on believers!

(That's why the rapture did not happen in July - August)

September through November is FRUIT HARVEST, which has many different types of fruit, but the only one left during the fruit harvest that is MAJOR and has prophetic significance are the OLIVES!!!

They are harvested when they are all caught in mid-air and taken off ALL TOGETHER, AT ONCE! WOW!

Olive trees live to be 2000 year old (church age)!!!!

They make Olive OIL, the 5 wise had enough OLIVE OIL in their lamps. Olive oil is needed to “trim” lamps. So, we need Olive oil (holy spirit) to be ready. We are the OLIVES with oil (holy spirit)!!

We have been grafted in to the Olive tree, Israel is grafted in again after we leave! We take the place as the Olives for now!!!!

The Olive harvest ends in October/November each year!!! In our case, early November this year!!!!!

Wheat is put under a “tribulum” (we don’t go through tribulation) so we CANNOT be wheat!

Grapes are totally crushed in “winepress” (we are not put in the winepress of the wrath God), they are unbelievers!

The Barley harvest was fulfilled at Jesus resurrection when he became the first fruits of the BARLEY (old testament saints)!!!!

The only one left is the OLIVE harvest, which WOULD have been Israel, but they rejected Jesus, so WE TOOK THEIR PLACE!!!

It’s end EVERY NOVEMBER when they are gathered “ALL AT ONCE” and caught UP in a net!!!!! WOW!!!

Olives have the OIL, the church has the SPIRIT…WE ARE THE OLIVES, so we are gathered at the ordained time, in October/November, we know it’s NOVEMBER!!!!

We must go home this month!

We are prophetic of the OLIVES, because we have OIL as in "Olive Oil"!!!!

So, that is why the rapture did not happen from April - October...

The gathering (end of Olive) harvest has happened, until NOVEMBER!!!!

This is our month folks! The prophetic harvests seasons don't lie! We ABSOLUTELY have to be the OLIVES!



The "trimmed" lamps of the 5 virgins!!!

In the parable of the ten virgins, ONLY 5 had their lamps trimmed so they could stay awake (spiritually in the prophetic parallel) for the return of the bridegroom!!

What did the 5 wise have to HAVE IN ORDER TO TRIM THEIR LAMPS (readiness)??

Check this out:

Exodus 27:20

"And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always"


They needed OLIVE OIL to be ready!

The OIL of the Olives represent and are mandatory for spiritual readiness for the rapture, those who were ready were full of OLIVE OIL in their spirits (lamps)!!!!

The 5 wise virgins are prophetic/parallel OLIVE OIL!

Kings and Priests of the old testament were "anointed" with Olive oil. So, the new testament Kings and Priests are indwelt with spiritual Olive oil (holy spirit)!!!

Now, catch this:

The bridegroom (high priest) would come and "GATHER" those who were indwelt with the holy spirit (had their lamps trimmed with Olive oil) into the "door" to the wedding chamber!

That means the bridegroom will gather those who are indwelt with Olive oil (holy spirit) inside of them. The parallel is that Christ will come as our bridegroom to "gather" his church at the end of the "Olive" harvests!....You better OIL UP NOW, or be left behind!

The Olive harvesting ends every year in October/November, in this case, early November (6th)!!


The Olive Harvest represents he righteous living who are converted by the Holy Spirit (OLIVE OIL)!!!!!

The rapture of the bride is not the Barley, Wheat, or Grape harvest, but the OLIVE HARVEST of OIL (holy spirit indwelt believers)!!!



WoW -- Covenant on November 6th -- Remember Noah!?

On this website...


It has the day that Noah entered out of the ark and when God "made a covenant" with Noah and ALL of humanity:

Genesis 9:16

"And the rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will see it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and between every living creature among all flesh, which is on the earth."

The day that Noah entered out of the ark, God made a covenant with him:


"And I will establish My covenant with you, and never again will all flesh be cut off by the flood waters, and there will never again be a flood to destroy the earth."

This day according to the calendar is the 27th of Heshvan!!!

It says it's on November 4th, but actually on the Chabad calendar, the counts if Jewish days are TWO DAYS TO FAR, so November 6th is actually the 27th day of Heshvan, the anniversary of the day that Noah came out of the ark and God's covenant never to destroy the earth with WATER was made!!!!!


The Lord, in the prophecy of Zephaniah, describes the time of trouble that is coming, as a FIRE to consume. Peter defines it more:

2 Peter 3:10

"But the day of the Lord (tribulation) will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with FEVERENT HEAT, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be BURNED up."

The first WORLD JUDGMENT was by WATER, and the second WORLD JUDGMENT will be by FIRE!!!!


Well, God promised all of humanity for ever (through Noah) that he will never judge the earth by WATER again. This day was Heshvan 27! This day this year is none other than November 6th, 2010 -- The beginning of the tribulation period....

Where God will COMMENCE the judgment of the whole earth by FIRE (tribulation)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think of it like this:

The same day God made a COVENANT to never judge the earth again by WATER, is the same day the Anti-Christ will confirm a COVENANT, commencing God's judgment of the earth by FIRE!!!

God is so perfect and this anniversary this year is NOVEMBER 6th, 2010! WOW!!

The day the FLOOD (worldwide judgment by WATER) ENDED, is the same day the TRIBULATION (worldwide judgment by FIRE) will begin!!!!!!