Cindy (27 Nov 2010)
"I believe.."

Hi, I felt the need to tell someone about our soul.  I think this is the year, and I was deceived by others telling me 2012, thinking that they have the truth.  I don't want to disregard all the tears I've cried, what I've read, and this gut feeling/visions about this year.  Why do I still have these feelings?  I hope I am not wrong.  Others have had visions, dreams, and feelings about this year.  We can't be wrong.  This year has flown by, and here we are.  Do you have the same feeling?  I think the fowler can't hold us back.  I'm going to say to myself, that Jesus is trying to tell me/us something.  And people that don't feel and think what we feel now are asleep.  I wish I could wake up my loved ones.  They all tell me "peace and safety" and tell me that I am the one in fear.  I now disregard them.  I think they
 are wrong.  And My eyes are now open.  Look at all the feasting, drinking, buying, and selling.  All the technology hypnotizing them.  I think the fowler is just trying so hard to change God's divine plan.  But only the fowler knows this is the end.  I know that the true prophets were and still are, not soothsayers.  Forewarners do not have soothing tongues.  This place is so flawed,  God's ones' feel it too.  You feel it too, right?  I believe in our soul, everlasting, immortal.   
The perfect emanations made in Our Father's image.