Cindy (1 Nov 2010)
"Sign from Jesus!"

The Sign of the Double Rainbow over NYC on October 27, 2010

Every morning I wake up and think about The Rapture.  Does anyone feel this sort of anticipation? This has got to be the year, not 2012, not 2013, etc.  I feel it, especially now, like it could happen anytime!  It is true that at Harvest, there is the Gathering of the True...  

I've had visions all year. And this recent vision is different from all the others.  His Ones are different from the others.  I will explain this recent vision.   First, I saw and felt us Flying! Second, I saw A Great White Graduation!  Third, The Great Marriage!  And Fourth, The Great Marriage Feast and Celebration! Why did I capitalize and exclaim those events?  Because it's Major to Us, and He is Major to Us.  Whoever does not love Our Lord in a lukewarm way, you all know who you are!