Chris K (29 Nov 2010)
"re:Bruce Warner (27 Nov 2010)"

Dear John and beloved doves,
I'm so fascinated by the incredible amount of vision and real sharing/fellowship I find here, often I can't respond from the shear volume of ideas and insight  brought out.
  I often am led to look into scripture from within the letters from my brothers and sisters here.
When looking more closely at Rev. 7:9 and the original Greek for several words and their accompanying Strong's number(so much talk about numbers lately...Strong's G5404, somebody help me here), I was struck by the etymology and the actual word translated as "palms".
  There has been a lot of talk and prophetic references to the English word/name "Phoenix"  in relationship to America and the current president , it just seemed rather remarkable that we will all be holding these in our hands before the Throne.
  I'm not sure where a lot of this is going, I don't think I have the intellectual capacity to hold it all together long enough to see a clear picture, but somehow, together we are seeing a vast panorama....a vision of the salvation so big, well, its rather humbling.
  I don't know what it means , but, just to catch a glimpse every now and then is very comforting to my wayward soul.

much love in Yeshuah's holy name,   Chris K

Bruce Warner
(27 Nov 2010)


Dear Doves,

If the phrase "come out of the great tribulation" (Revelation 7:14) actually means: 'opted out' of the great tribulation, then the description of the great multitude in Heaven before the throne (Revelation 7:9) is a perfect description of the raptured Church.

That these are they who have 'opted out' of the great tribulation because they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb so they were raptured, and now they stand before the throne in front of the Lamb in Heaven wearing white robes and holding palm branches. What a perfect description of the 'raptured Church' who have 'opted out' of the great tribulation by accepting Christ and being born-again.

Come Lord Jesus!

Bruce Warner