Charles Holler (22 Nov 2010)
"2010 Rapture Fleece answered"

Hello John and Doves,
      I have put out less than a handful of fleece's in my 50 years here on Earth, as I believe they should be reserved for the most important events in our lives. My mother tells me of how before she was saved but invited to church that she couldn't go because she didn't have a dress to wear. Later that evening as she was driving through town there was a box in the middle of the road, and you guessed it a brand new her size....she went and got saved in 1968. She became a widow in '69 and we (me 9 , my brother 8, and mother) moved to the country with a woman minister. We had camp meetings on her property a few times a year and went to Church 3 times a week. There was one Evangelist who came and he was 15 years older than Mom, but she set her cap for him in 1971 and on our way home from church one night she asked The Lord " If this is of you Lord, let there be a stray dog on our porch tonight " and when we pulled in there were three dogs on the porch. This man of God became Dad and I serve God today because I watched a man walk the talk. Truly a man of God, great mentor, and father. I had not meant to share this tonight but it must be for a reason so I'll let the Lord use it as He wants. Now moving ahead 40 years : I'm 50 and a divorced father of 4 with 10 g-kids and been reading doves since late 90's and watching for His return since "88 reasons ( another story I've posted before) I am on disability and walk very limited with a walker. Our new pastor for the last three plus years comes to see me a couple times a month, we have communion, share the deep things of God, and have good fellowship. We never talk about the rapture, and I think that's because when he came to see me in the hospital a few years ago I had a book on the table that said something about end times and he jokingly said " how depressing" he is quite a cut up and I've just stayed away from the subject. My first fleece was 22 years ago and it was whether to leave or stay at a 250k a year job. My partner was a lawyer and even though legal, it was questionably moral. I left after the fleece was answered and was on welfare in 6 months. Talk about wanting to know if you really heard from God, hahaha. I didn't stay there as The Lord does take care of His own and some of my happiest years were owning my own company's. I never made 250k again,  but many 90-100's and it was Blessed money. Like I said earlier I've only put out a few fleece's in my life. Tonight 11-20-2010 I knew the pastor was coming over and I've been reading Doves on and off all day and the dreams and visions and out of the blue I said "Lord, if You're coming in 2010, let the pastor ( I thought what should I have him say? he's a man of God) bring a dog with him" Now all the times he has come to my home he has never brought a dog, and I might have been thinking of my mothers fleece 40 years ago. Anyway he comes and as we're sitting there he says "Is that a mouse I just seen? I seen one here last week too" I said " Yeah we got a little problem here" and laughed. He said "I should bring Rascal in" I said "Rascal? What's that? a dog? or cat?" He said that's my dog, be right back" and he ran out and grabbed his poodle and returned with him. He did some tricks, rolled over, acted dead, and said a prayer, all very entertaining. I had forgot about the fleece but now was just in awe. I quickly shared it with him and he said" maybe you should have been more specific" I just laughed but I know in my heart I was asking about the rapture of the Church in 2010. Gideon did put out more than one so maybe I'll put out a second and try to pinpoint a smaller window of time....although there are only 40 days left. See you all in the Air.
Charles Holler Sr