Carol (9 Nov 2010)
"mystery Babylon"

Hi, I saw Joel Richardson on the Sid Roth show and he thinks that mystery Babylon is Saudi Arabia. In Rev. 17 John is carried to the desert. Saudi Arabia is in the desert. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam with Mecca and Medina.He documents in his DVD which I bought that Saudi Arabai buys influence in the USA by bankrolling the last 4 presidents. It is an exporter of terrorism and false religion. They donate to Harvard etc to propagate Islamic studies. Several billion people a day face towards Mecca and pray to a false God. The terror they exports thro Wahabism and medrasas all over the world has resulted in the blood shed of many innocent people. The luxury that they live in The Saudi Royals is unequaled in all the world. Since they bankroll all the people of influence in the government he indicates that all the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her. He said except for oil and terrorism Saudi Arabia imports everything ie when the merchants of the earth morn for her it also says they morn for the trafficing of bodies and souls of men and it is well known that S.A. has slavery..He made many more points. This is the site where you can watch the interview. It's very interesting and sounds like he might be right.  I am kind of a lurker and read almost every day.

YSIC Carol
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