Bruce Wigton (11 Nov 2010)
"Jacob's Ladder as a type of the rapture"

I find it interesting that this Saturday, 11-13-10 or 6 Kislev, is when the Torah reading is the “Parshah” or Genesis 28.10 – 32.3.  The text is the account of Jacob’s Ladder dream as he is on his way to Haran.  I had never thought of Jacob’s Ladder as a type of the rapture but as I was contemplating these verses, it seems that it could be.  Jacob sees angels ascending and descending the ladder from earth to heaven.  What better description could there be to Christ descending and appearing in the clouds and the saints rising to meet him there?  Jacob then goes to Haran and works 7 years for his bride.  As a type of Christ, he ends up with 2 brides where I suppose we “the Church” would be considered one, and Israel the second.  There is an obvious 2nd set of 7 years that Israel must serve for the second bride – and that could be the tribulation period.  Anyway, this is just my unschooled look at some verses.  I suppose many others know more than I about this example.  If our rapture were to happen in this timeframe, Israel might well make the connection between the ladder and the rapture as they finally realize who Christ is.


In Christ,