BG Ellis (3 Nov 2010)
"The Bible Code predicts that Netanyahu will die in the suitcase nuking of New York City and this is the trigger that starts World War III!"


Doves and John,

     I read the following post from LL:


LL (2 Nov 2010)
"Nov 7-9"


Per Joel Rosenberg's blog/email:

 "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to the U.S. from Nov. 7-9 to meet with American Jewish leaders, and to meet with Vice President Joe Biden."   





 After reading this, The Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance of an interesting Bible Code from Michael Drosnin’s first book: "The Bible Code".  In this book, there is an obscure Bible Code that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's death by nuclear attack would be the trigger of World War III.   I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu will be in New York City when it is attacked by a suitcase nuke.  Doves, we are days away from The Rapture!  Repent of any sin, forgive everyone and get ready to meet your Bridegroom! 

SEE: (URL) THE RAPTURE - November 8th to 11th, 2010 (True Rosh Hashanah) & THE START of WORLD WAR III – 11:11:2010!  YOUR 7-DAY WARNING!


See You in Heaven!

Love You All!

B.G. Ellis