BG Ellis (17 Nov 2010)
"VERY compelling reasons why The Rapture is on: November 28/29th!"


1.    An angel gave November 29th 2010, to Lisa in a dream as the date of The Rapture.   (SEE: THIS)

2.    The number 42 means the second coming of Jesus.  This date is exactly 42 days from the sighting of the sign of: “Jesus’ face in the sun”!

This Enormous Ring on the Sun developed October 18th!


3.    This date is exactly 21 days from the sighting of the new moon of Rosh Hashanah and thus the “21 days delayed factor” brought out in Daniel 10:13. (SEE: THIS)

4.     This day is known asThe Last Dayand a trump is blown on this day known as The Last Trump”. (SEE: THIS)

5.    The Lord revealed to Valerie Skrzyniak that The Rapture would occur on the 21st of the month.  This was given to her back in 2001 and for years since then, many of us on, have particularly paid attention to proposed Rapture dates on the 21st of the month.   We were looking at the Gregorian month, however when you look at the Hebrew Month of Tishri, November 28th/29th falls on the 21st/22nd day of Tishri.  (SEE: THIS)

6.    The new moon was spotted in Jerusalem on Sunday, November 7th, making the true Rosh Hashanah falling on Monday, November 8th.  If we fast forward 21 days, and if Jesus comes back for His Bride at Midnight on Sunday November 28th (Jerusalem time) as described in Matthew 25:6 – “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.”  That would put the time at around 4pm: Sunday, November 28th (New York time).  This is the most air-traveled day in the world on that day, with everyone coming back from their Thanksgiving Holiday.  Wow, talk about your perfect timing for a “False Flag” Nuclear Attack on New York City!  (SEE WEB SITE!) & (SEE: THIS) & (SEE: THIS VIDEO)





We are days away from The Rapture!  Repent of any sin, forgive everyone and get ready to meet your Bridegroom!