BC (30 Nov 2010)
"Cosmic cook up probes secrets of the universe"


I thought that this article contained many interesting words & dates that we have seen in recent postings:
CERN, Christchurch, biometric chips ..... 

The physicist, Tsesmelis, hopes that by 2015 CERN scientists will have discovered the God particle.  2014-2015 is when Mark Biltz teaches that solar and lunar eclipses will be "signs in the heavens" since they fall on Jewish feasts days and other important Jewish calendar dates.    BC


Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010
Subject: nzherald.c

BC thought you would be interested in the following item from nzherald.co.nz:
Anthony Doesburg: Cosmic cook up probes secrets of the universe
When physicist Emmanuel Tsesmelis stepped off a plane in Christchurch last week he was taken aback at the latest accomplishment of the world's largest scientific instrument. Tsesmelis, who played a ... More
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