Barry Amundsen (4 Nov 2010)
"Nancy Harbour, 110 and USA"

Nancy Harbour said:
It has now been 110 months since 9/11.  Both trade towers were 110 stories tall, and Joseph and Joshua each lived to 110 years.
This reminded me of something I heard years ago around 1981 or 2, where the subject was 666 and the mark of the beast, and every country was given an identifying number and the USA was given the number 110.
This number was said to be combined with other identifying numbers until every person would have a unique number. The global number came first and was 666. This was followed by the person's country number 110. That was followed by your area code (760 for me) which separated you from all other areas of your country and that was followed by your own social security number
_ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _. When you add it all up you have an 18 digit number which is 6x3 or 6+6+6 and every person is locatable in the world.
That was a long time ago and whether this system is still being used or considered I wouldn't know. It was from the Southwest Radio Church that I learned of this as taught by Dr. Gene Scott on his broadcast and it was shocking revelation for that time in the early 80's.
Anyway, I thought I'd mention it because of the 110 number being the USA number which meant nothing to me at the time but your post is most interesting in light of this old info.