Barbara Howard (16 Nov 2010)
"Re: Suzi (13 Nov 2010) Jesse Ventura: Conspiracy Theory"

Suzi (13 Nov 2010)
"Jesse Ventura: Conspiracy Theory"

I missed the beginning of the show about the FEMA camps, and it's not over yet, I just had to write when the chills went up my spine...

Jan. 11, 2010, Obama signs executive order "Counsel of Governors"?  TEN, yes, 10 Governors who would be in charge of 10 areas of the nation, having control over them, even over the Governors of the States within the 'districts'.

The FEMA map is almost identical to the Counsel of Governors too. Wow.

I need to rewatch this.


Hi Suzi and Doves,
Thanks for your posts.
Regarding the one above, I just want to share that the 10 zones were set up by Pres. Richard Nixon, when he was in office. I believe by Executive Order, interestingly I found out  recently that even these E.O. can come under the scrutiny of Congress. And can be challenged according to Constitutional Standards.
Funny, none of these folks in office seem to never see the sneaky stuff going on. Is there anyone in Washington, truly watching out for us???
Even so, Come Lord Jesus, Come! - Now would be good!
In Christ,
Barbara Howard