Armando (5 Nov 2010)
"Dream pointing to nov. 8th."

Hello John:

I had a very unusual dream on oct. 13th that I wanted to share with you. I think it points to nov. 8th.


I was dreaming and suddenly I saw this very old lady with white hair that looked at me in the dream.  She said to me, " I am 88 years old".  I said nothing to her and looked at her again.  She then said, " I am 115 years old".  This did not make any sense to me and I woke up.  While I was awake, I realized that the difference between 115 and 88 is 27.  I did not know why there was a gap of 27 in the number of years.  
Since I had the dream on oct. 13th I added 27 to oct. 13.  This gave me nov. the 8th.  We shall soon see if this is the correct meaning.


P.S.: you can share this with the doves!